How to Get Involved for American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease - a leading cause of death in the U.S.


To show your support, there are many ways you can get involved in your community for American Heart Month.


Below are a few examples to give you some inspiration:


Wear Red Day

Wear Red Day is on February 4, 2022, to raise awareness and show support for women's heart health. It takes place annually on the first Friday in February, but, it's more than just wearing red. It's about educating others about heart health and supporting the women in your community! 


Organize of Volunteer at an American Heart Month Event

An easy way to participate in your community is to volunteer at an American Heart Month event. You can find events near you to volunteer at or attend, or if there aren't any local events, get a group together to plan one in your community! For instance, it can be as simple as an educational luncheon with a local doctor sharing information about heart disease and how to stay healthy through exercise and healthy eating.


Encourage Healthy Habits

Encourage healthy eating and exercise habits to prevent heart disease. For example, reduce the amount of sodium in your diet by choosing foods with low or no sodium. You can find other spices besides salt to add flavor to your food. It's also important to stay active and make time for fitness, whether it's joining a gym or going for more walks.


Show Support Year-Round

Ultimately, remember that heart disease shouldn't just be talked about during American Heart Month. For instance, you can show support year-round by continuing to spread the message about heart disease prevention and educating your community to keep everyone's hearts healthy.

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